About us – A Family Run Business

Based in West Sussex, we import and sell handmade items from various countries including products made right here in the UK. We love the idea that your house should be filled with interesting things that are useful and add character to your home.

How The Business Was Born

Occasionally when you are walking in town or through a market you will come across something that catches your eye. Although you may not have been thinking about it, you know that it is just what you want. This is how handpickedgems.co.uk was born.

A Little History

Originally from Zimbabwe, we spent many years traveling the world with my backpack holding all of my worldly possessions. Travelling like this, we got to see a lot of the world away from the regular tourist attractions. When you do this, you get to see a lot of the local handmade crafts and things that people make for their everyday lives. Since then I have always had a passion for these magical items, things that you never knew you wanted, but can’t live without once you have seen them.

Our Family Run Business

handpickedgems.co.uk is a family run business and so we pride ourselves on taking care in what we sell. Our goods come from places that either I have have been to and see how they make them or the places where we have not been, friends have gone and recommended what they have seen.

We are a friendly lot so if there is something that you want to ask about or just feel like saying hello, please do as we love meeting new people.


Sebastian Beaton
Product Purchase & Web Development

Having Travelled the world I have developed an eye for unusual and interesting things that will add character to your house. I am also involved in developing and marketing the website

Nick Beaton
Business Development

I am the younger brother and I am the one with the business head. Making sure that we are always getting the best quality at a good price means the everyone from our suppliers to you wins

Quality Control

My job is to make sure that the products that my Dad buys are interesting and useful. I like helping out where I can and having fun with my Dad.