Traditional Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airers

Our range of traditional Kitchen Maid® pulley clothes airers has been professionally crafted to bring you the very best quality clothes airer.

Our range includes cast iron, brass and chrome traditional airers. Every care has been taken in the design of our range. Our products are both economical and ecological, all the wood that has been used in them comes from sustainable and renewable forests.

When you buy one of our clothes airers you are buying something that is stylish long lasting does not cost money to use and is kind to the environment.

The clothes airer comes from the Victorian age and is still a popular option today. They offer a very stylish and lush alternative to modern clothes dryers. They also save space when in use and when they are being stored away. The clothes airer hangs from the ceiling and, using a pulley system, is easily brought up and down when you need to.